Bullion Banking Evolved
Customized precious metal finance and trading solutions.
Sensible financing structures.
Industry experts with laser focus on execution.


Kilo Capital is a customer centric bullion bank and precious metal merchant. We support companies that use gold, silver, and PGM metals with tailor made financing and hedging solutions. The traditional tools of bullion banking - gold leasing, inventory finance, and secured loans are core offerings. Bespoke precious metal hedging programs and physical supply are foundational services.

As a small team of industry experts operating outside the bureaucracy of a large bank, we can quickly respond to customer needs. We have a deep understanding of the challenges inherent in operating a business that uses precious metals. Our team collectively has decades of experience in bullion banking, corporate lending, risk and asset management. These realities allow us to make sensible structuring decisions and act fast to support our customers.

We are committed to the bullion banking industry and our customers. As the traditional players, mostly large banks, continue to leave the space we affirm our commitment. We are here for the long haul and look to build and grow decades long customer relationships.

Through our NFA registered commodity fund management division, we manage regulated commodity pool funds. This growing segment gives investors access to a business historically enjoyed solely by large financial institutions.



Disclaimer: Kilo Fund Management is Commodity Pool Operator duly registered with the National Futures Association. This page is being provided for informational purposes only. Kilo Fund Management is not currently accepting additional investors for its managed funds. This information is not a solicitation to invest.