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Kilo Capital redefines agricultural financing with straightforward inventory financing. By offering accessible funds secured against inventory, the process is simplified, bypassing traditional lending complexities. Suppliers experience streamlined cash flow management, enabling focus on core operations without the hassle of extensive paperwork and constricting terms. Kilo Capital gives suppliers and organizations the capital they need when they need it.

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Managing inventory and relationships

  • Empty space returns nothing.
  • Filling storage space is harder than ever before; relationships with producers are key to buying enough to fill storage space and maximize carry in the market.
  • Crisp communication of bids, transparency of tickets, and clear visibility of open contracts are all valuable to building relationships.
  • Having adequate software tools, like an agricultural commodity trading platform, to manage the warehousing of both owned and unowned inventory is crucial in today’s market.


Maximize the value of your storage

  • Our solutions provide producers with real-time mobile access to contracts, tickets, and settlement data derived straight from our commodity management systems.
  • Our solutions are designed for agriculture value chain management, accurately monitoring inventory and position while accounting for all front-, middle-, and back-office activity in real time so you can leverage scenario intelligence to make faster, better decisions.



Disclaimer: Kilo Fund Management is Commodity Pool Operator duly registered with the National Futures Association. This page is being provided for informational purposes only. Kilo Fund Management is not currently accepting additional investors for its managed funds. This information is not a solicitation to invest.